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The intelligence you need for financial crime compliance

Table of contents

Why Compliance Analytics?

Compliance Analytics delivers a set of unique, pre-defined reports specifically designed to help you understand and manage financial crime-related risks in your institution’s global correspondent banking business.  

A single source of intelligence

It’s no longer necessary to rely on many partial, local reports to build up a group-wide picture; now there’s a single source for the intelligence you need.

By analysing your total Swift payments and trade finance traffic and benchmarking it against industry totals, Compliance Analytics brings you clear, factual insights into relationships and payments activity by branch, correspondent and geography.

Updated monthly, Compliance Analytics lets you segment and risk-assess your correspondents’ business with you in terms of low / high transaction volumes and values. It alerts you to emerging trends and changes in your correspondent network, giving clear answers to questions such as:

  • Are we involved in any payment flows coming from, or destined for, sanctioned countries?
  • Is current activity with a particular correspondent in line with our risk appetite?
  • Have previously dormant correspondent relationships suddenly become active?
  • Are other financial institutions reducing activity in high-risk corridors?

By analysing originator and beneficiary data, Compliance Analytics shows you any nested activity behind the messages you receive, which could expose you to compliance risks.

You also receive a detailed overview of the status of Relationship Management Applications (RMAs), providing insights into current, dormant and un-activated correspondent relationships.

Filter, focus and report

It’s quick and easy to filter the data and display it in user-friendly charts and graphs, ready for your reports. You can also save views and refresh them once next month’s data is ready, to build up a picture of trends or emerging issues.

Get customised reports and advice

Because we have a large and unique database of industry-wide payments and trade finance data, we can tailor additional reports and benchmarking to give you valuable insights into your operations. For example: benchmarking against aggregated data for a group of peers.

We’ll also help you to tune the alerting feature in line with your specific needs. For example, you could choose to receive notifications if a correspondent initiates ‘nesting’ activity involving high-risk jurisdictions.

Compliance Analytics is built on a secure, web-based platform, so there’s no software to install or systems integration required to get you up and running.

A community approach

Compliance in itself brings no competitive advantages, so it makes sense to collaborate to reduce costs and risks.

Compliance Analytics is the result of close consultation with our members and the industry to understand and deliver the intelligence they need to stay alert to financial crime risks and meet their compliance obligations. We’ll continue to listen and collaborate to develop new functionality and meet future challenges.