Global Payments Innovation Initiatives

45 leading banks sign up to SWIFT’s global payments innovation initiative

Major banks around the world take action to dramatically improve the customer experience in cross-border payments


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SWIFT announces 10% rebate on 2015 messaging

2015 rebate returns EUR32 million to SWIFT users worldwide

Innotribe calls on the best startups in Africa

Innotribe calls on the best startups in Africa

Innotribe opens its Startup Challenge for Africa

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FIN messages
on 12 February 2016
FIN messages
in February 2016
Total messages 2016 Growth YTD Network availability 2016
22.75Mio 239Mio 729Mio 5.34% 99.999%
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The United Arab Emirates and Qatar drive RMB adoption in the Middle East

SWIFT’s RMB Tracker shows that the RMB is now the most active currency used by the UAE and Qatar for direct payments...

SWIFT publishes 2015 UN Global Compact Communication on Progress

SWIFT is committed to conducting business in a sustainable way. This report to the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) presents SWIFT’s 2015...

Bank of Philippine Islands awarded SWIFT’s bank-readiness certificate

Bank of Philippine Islands is the first Filipino bank to use SWIFT’s bank-readiness program to improve connectivity with corporates

SWIFT Institute launches competition for university students

New SWIFT Institute Challenge creates opportunities for university students in the UK to contribute new ideas to banking and financial services

SWIFT strengthens its support to Filipino corporates looking to optimise finance operations

SWIFT helps Filipino corporates optimise and improve financial operations through standardisation and market practices for domestic financial transactions
Kuala Lumpur
1 March 2016

SWIFT Business Forum Malaysia 2016

Leading ASEAN with digital transformation and standardisation


SWIFT’s KYC Registry surpasses 2,000 financial institutions

Year one of The KYC Registry results in industry-wide adoption in more than 200 countries and territories
8 March 2016

SWIFT Nordics Regional Conference 2016

From disruption to real world change

7 April 2016

SWIFT Business Forum Philippines 2016

Trailblazing ASEAN with Inclusion, Modernisation, and Internationalisation

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