Compliance Analytics

Pinpoint financial crime risks across your operations and correspondents with our global, group-level payments analysis

Alerting you to financial crime risks

Designed for Know Your Customer, anti-money laundering or sanctions compliance professionals, Compliance Analytics analyses your institution’s SWIFT payments traffic and delivers a global view of your branch and correspondent activity.

By benchmarking your traffic against aggregated message totals over SWIFT, the service alerts you to significant spikes, unusual behaviour, or possible policy breaches in high-risk countries and corridors. Your counterparties’ nested downstream activities are also identified.  

Graphical views make it easy to identify trends over time, by geography or counterparty, and decide where to focus investigations. You can also review the status of Relationship Management Applications (RMAs) to evaluate correspondent relationships at group level. 

Compliance Analytics 90 second briefing

Using Compliance Analytics to understand sanctions Compliance Analytics 90 second briefing
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Compliance Analytics 90 second briefing

Compliance Analytics case study: CIBanco

Learn how CIBanco is using Compliance Analytics, Sanctions Screening and The KYC Registry to set the gold standard for compliance and risk management in Latin America

Global view to help you manage sanctions risks

Global data only available from SWIFT provides a group-level view of your correspondent banking activity and financial crime risks, including payments flows to countries with sanctions.

Reveals activity changes and uncovers risks

Graphical views track activity changes in high-risk corridors and highlight traffic with countries where sanctions apply. Your correspondents’ nested payment flows are also identified.

No software to install

No software to install or integrate. We deliver Compliance Analytics direct to your desktop, putting the facts at your fingertips so you can understand, investigate and take action.

Interested in Compliance Analytics?

Find out how Compliance Analytics supports group-wide compliance.

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Compliance analytics
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24 July 2019

Harnessing data analytics to drive compliance and operational excellence

Rabobank uses Compliance Analytics and Payments Data Quality for KYC and Sanctions compliance and payments efficiency
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12 December 2018

SWIFT Compliance Analytics

Powerful data and worldclass analytics supporting AML, sanctions and KYC compliance
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Compliance analytics
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3 December 2018

Compliance - Santander case study

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