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Want to be better connected? SWIFT offers you global reach to your customers and counterparties in more than 200 countries

Global reach to your customers and counterparties in more than 200 countries

Exchanging standardised financial information with financial institutions globally over the SWIFT network is secure, efficient and cost effective.

We offer a range of connectivity options, including Alliance Lite2, to meet the needs of new SWIFT users. Alliance Lite2 is a cloud-based, connectivity solution giving you access to our industry-standard messaging services.

Once you are connected, you can benefit from a range of services that help you to reduce costs and risk across your business. These include financial crime compliance, reference data management and business intelligence.

Alliance Lite2

Alliance Lite2Alliance Lite2
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Alliance Lite2

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When you become a SWIFT member, you’re part of the worldwide financial community that SWIFT serves.

Your unique SWIFT Identifier - Bank Identifier Code (BIC) enables you to connect directly with over 10,800 financial institutions and corporates and exchange standardised payments, trade finance, treasury and securities messages.

As a SWIFT member, you’re no longer reliant on proprietary bilateral arrangements with correspondents, which opens many more options for your business.

Our solutions

Secure Financial Messaging

Interbank messaging for correspondent banks

Our secure and reliable FIN messaging service underpins interbank payments and settlement worldwide, providing non-repudiation and validation, message recovery, optional SLAs and copy services.

Payments and cash management for your corporate customers

When your corporate customers choose to connect to you over SWIFT, you can spend more time serving their needs and attract new business.

Interfaces and Integration

Alliance Lite2: your connection to the financial world

A cloud-based connectivity option, Alliance Lite2 offers banks and corporates a direct connection to their banks and counterparties.

Alliance Messaging Hub (AMH)

A highly customisable financial messaging platform, AMH enables the processing of financial message flows and integration with back office systems.

Full integration across your back and middle-office

Our suite of integration products and services make it easy to connect multiple departments and integrate all your existing business applications and systems.

Compliance and Shared Services

A solution for your transaction screening

Ready-to-use and fast-to-deploy, our Sanctions Screening service is more cost-effective to operate than in-house systems. Hundreds of institutions worldwide are getting the benefits.

Banking Insights for your business

Our interactive dashboards of data give immediate insights into your correspondent banking business, so you can concentrate on decision making. Includes activity shares and benchmarking.

Source up-to-date, validated reference data with SWIFTRef

SWIFTRef provides easy access to up-to-date, validated reference data. Find out how to save time and effort – and increase efficiency.



We’ve a range of training opportunities to ensure you get the most from SWIFT for your business, including classroom, online and bespoke on-site options.


We’re ready to help with systems implementation or integration needs. Our consultants can also ensure you deliver on your business projects.


You can be sure of comprehensive support from our regional support centres at the level that’s right for your business: onsite or online, 24x7.

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  • Regulatory compliance and automation solutions
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