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SWIFT Standards acts as the catalyst that brings the financial community together to work collaboratively to define standards, shape market practice and consider solutions to issues of mutual interest.

Standards overview

ISO 20022 for banks
ISO 20022 for CSDs
ISO 20022 for HVPs

Maybe ISO 20022 is important to your customers. Or maybe you are adapting to one of the transformation initiatives now underway. Whatever your reasons for adopting the messaging standard, building an ISO 20022 roadmap requires time, budget and a full understanding of your needs.

From migrating your community to overcoming fragmentation in the market, adopting ISO 20022 brings numerous challenges. You’ll need best-in-class solution design and a secure, reliable network to support your project. You’ll also need effective training and support to help your community make the transition.

For payments market infrastructures offering High-Value Payments (HVP) services, it’s essential to make informed decisions when adopting ISO 20022. We can provide the tools, services and support that you need to complete your migration project – as well as the world’s only value-added ISO 2002 network.

About ISO 20022

A global and open standard, ISO 20022 is open to anyone and provides fully established processes for maintenance, evolution and governance. We’re playing a key role in the adoption of ISO 20022 across the industry.


We continually work to keep our existing standards up to date, in order to bring standards in line with business changes.

Market Practice

Consistency and industry harmonisation is in all of our interests. We play an active role in local and global market practice groups, as well as supporting initiatives to promote best practice across the industry.

Data Standards

Unambiguous data allows institutions to exchange messages in a more automated way, reducing costs and minimising risks. By acting as Registration Authority for certain reference data standards, we’re supporting consistency across the industry.

ISO 20022 Harmonisation Programme

SWIFT has launched an industry programme to ensure a cost effective and seamless adoption of ISO 20022 by Market Infrastructures and their communities.

User Handbook

Please visit the User Handbook for all standards-related information.

Document centre

Latest document update

Distributed Ledger Technology – the next frontier for business standards

Download (80.57 KB)
Last update: 
16 September 2016

Sibos 2016 - MI Forum

  • MI Forum

ISO 20022 Charter Endorsement - Next Steps for Market Infrastructures

Download (37.19 KB)
Last update: 
14 September 2016

Consult the information paper to know more about the different steps for the MI to complete once they have endorsed the ISO 20022 Harmonisation Charter

  • ISO 20022 Harmonisation

Endorsing Market Infrastructures - Business Domains

Download (132.1 KB)
Last update: 
13 September 2016

This document provides more information on the various business domains that each endorsing Market Infrastructure supports in ISO 20022.

  • ISO 20022 Harmonisation

SR 2017 MX High-Level Information

Download (275.38 KB)
Last update: 
29 July 2016

Standards MX November 2017

  • Standards releases

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