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Managing MT and MX releases

We continually work to keep our existing standards up to date, in order to bring standards in line with business changes and correct technical issues.

Standard MT Release 2023 - Business highlights

The annual MT Standards release ensures that the message types (MTs) exchanged by Swift users remain suitable for the business areas in which they are used, by enabling new business functionality and compliance with changing regulations.

Learn more about high level, business information related to the changes made to MT messages as part of Standards Release 2023 (SR 2023).

Important update to MT 798 Message Implementation Guide and FAQ

In alignment to SR 2023, changes have been made to the MT 798 Message Implementation Guide for corporate-to-bank communication V 5.3.1, effective November 19, 2023. The 'track-change-on' version of the document can be found here.

A regular update has also been made to the FAQs for Category 7 and MT 798 messages.

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