The global reference data utility

About SWIFTRef

SWIFTRef is SWIFT’s unique reference data and financial information utility. Sourced from authorised data owners, SWIFTRef includes the most accurate reference data covering BIC, LEI, IBAN validation, national bank codes, standing settlement instructions, credit ratings and financial information.

With SWIFTRef, financial institutions, corporates, data and service providers can now rely on a single source of data for flawless and trouble-free payments processing, accurate regulatory reporting, counterparty risk analysis and due diligence.

How can SWIFTRef help you ?

Bank & Country information and identification

Identify financial institutions and corporates worldwide, and support efficient payments processing and regulatory reporting.

Payments routing

Ensure a flawless straight-through payments process with worldwide standing settlement instructions and routing across all IBAN/SEPA countries.

Regulatory reporting, risk & due diligence

Accurate entity identifiers and clear ownership information help you calculate your counterparty risk exposure and comply with the growing number of regulatory reporting requirements.

Maintain your data

Share your reference data and publish your data with counterparty financial institutions and corporates worldwide.

Product bundles and query tools

Comprehensive products that ensure great data quality for payments, as well as tailor made directories.

SWIFTRef Portal

Your secured entry point to access reference data and financial information.

SWIFTRef for Corporates

We provide a series of packs for corporates, combining several of our standard web query and file-based products.

SWIFTRef Business Applications

Various non-exclusive streams offer specific tools and services to support you in growing your business and providing value to your customers.

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