The SWIFT Institute

This organisation funds and publishes a broad range of cutting-edge research, encouraging collaboration between thought leaders in finance and academia

Forging the future of financial services

The SWIFT Institute is a living library: Originator of influential studies, prominent agenda-setter, and repository for research that elevates the global financial industry. Uniting academic and financial thought leadership through analysis and events, it is where theory intersects practice, a joining of distinct schools of thought that is able to both explore relevant issues from an original perspective and challenge the status quo.

The 30-and-counting grants awarded for independent research demonstrate the Institute’s commitment to engaging the industry with relevant, constructive debate. The broad scope includes pressing contemporary concerns as well as predictive future examinations, such as that of the influence of virtual currencies, and more. The SWIFT Institute makes incisive research possible and ensures that the findings are effectively disseminated across the globe. It is an inclusive and independent force for educational teamwork.

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The SWIFT Institute is overseen by an independent advisory council that includes thought leaders from academia and finance. Although it is an essential part of SWIFT’s cooperative framework, the Institute’s day-to-day operations are independent.

Funding independent research

Around 30 grants have been awarded to researchers from across the globe since April 2012.

Bringing theory and practice together

One of the Institute’s primary activities is to host conferences. These events stimulate the spread of new ideas between forward-thinking leaders.

Supporting relevant, constructive debate

The Institute catalyses the exchange of ideas between those who research finance and those who work within it. The groups mutually benefit as a result.

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The Institute covers a wide variety of topics

Research and grants: A brief walk-through

When to submit a proposal?

Proposals should only be submitted in response to an issued Call for Proposal.

Who can submit a proposal?

Academics, PhD students, industry professionals, central bank or university research departments, and others who demonstrate a robust research proposal and track record.

What to include in your proposal?

A cover letter, C.V., research experience details, examples of published work, references, idea for research, proposed methodology, and completion timeframe.

What happens to your research?

The paper will be published on SWIFT Institute’s website and might also be previewed in the quarterly newsletter. Event presentation opportunities might also arise.

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