SWIFT for Corporates

A portfolio of solutions for corporates built to overcome the challenges of multi-banking

Connectivity and more for multi-banked corporates

As corporate treasurer of a multinational corporation, you may work with different banks for cash, trade and treasury services. Using SWIFT you can connect your business to multiple banks through a single, secure, bank-agnostic channel. Once connected, streamline and automate your business flows by communicating with your banking partners using our global standardised ISO and proprietary format (MT) messages.

SWIFT for Corporates offers much more than just connectivity and standardised messaging. Explore our portfolio of products and services below and speak to us about how we can support you through your business challenges.

Join us at Sibos 2017

This year’s Corporate sessions will look at the latest in trade finance digitization, how FinTech can impact on trade and supply chains, enhancing cross-border payments, and the future of corporate banking as shaped by corporate treasurers and CFOs.

Connect to SWIFT

There are different connectivity options to connect your business to the SWIFT network. Choose the right connectivity gateway to meet your business needs.

Gain a clear view of banks’ SWIFT capabilities

Use our Bank Readiness Programme to find out which banks support different messaging standards and technologies for Corporates.

Drive trade digitisation

From multi-bank messaging standards to new trade settlement instruments, we’re driving innovation in trade finance. Find out how our solutions can help reduce risk, enhance efficiency and improve liquidity management.

A single identity solution for all your banking channels

With 3SKey, you can use a single token and password to authenticate and approve transactions with all your banks – ending the inefficiency of multiple devices, passwords and processes.

Support your compliance needs

Financial regulators have demonstrated that regulatory compliance is not only the concern of financial institutions. Learn more about our suite of sanctions-related products.

Streamline transactions with payment reference data for corporates

Validating and maintaining payment reference data for suppliers, clients and financial institutions is challenging. SWIFTRef offers a series of corporate packages to fulfill your specific financial information needs.

Speed up and simplify treasury and bank integration

Reduce your bank on-boarding time with MyStandards. SWIFT’s easy-to-use web based platform for testing against bank file specifications.


A community Market Practice group focused on the development and promotion of common ISO20022 XML messaging formats used in corporate banking.

SWIFT training and implementation services

Learn more about our training programmes and find out how our experts can help deliver your SWIFT implementation project.



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