Interfaces and Integration

Our comprehensive range of solutions connect your back-office systems to SWIFT and enable you to send and receive financial messages

Our software solutions

SWIFT Community Cloud Standard on-premises Modular on-premises
Back-office Integration SWIFT Integration Layer (SIL) Alliance Access
Integration Packages
Alliance Messaging Hub
Integration Components
Messaging interface Alliance Lite2 Alliance Access Alliance Messaging Hub (AMH)

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Connect to SWIFT

A suite of connectivity products and services to meet your operational and business needs.

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Your needs

Integrate SWIFT into your operations

Our integration tools and solutions enable communication between your back-office systems and SWIFT.

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Your needs

Improve your operational resiliency

Offering security and high availability, our solutions will fulfil your resilience needs.

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Our suite of software solutions


Alliance Access Integration Packages

Packaging all the integration software you’ll need for a seamless connection from your back-office to SWIFT

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Alliance Access Integration Platform (IPLA)

Software embedded in Alliance Access enabling communication between your back-office and SWIFT

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SWIFT Integration Layer (SIL)

Stand-alone software enabling communication between your back-office and SWIFT

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Integration Business Applications

Predefined solutions to overcome your integration challenges

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Extend the capabilities of our products and services to meet your needs

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Alliance Messaging Hub (AMH)

Our flexible, multi-network, high-volume financial messaging solution

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Alliance Access

Our market leading messaging interface offering high performance and resilience

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Alliance Entry

Our lightweight interface, offering the flexibility and control of a private infrastructure

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Alliance Lite2

Connecting you to the financial world via the SWIFT Community Cloud

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Alliance Lite2 for Business Applications

Combining your business application with a connection to the financial industry via the SWIFT Community Cloud

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Alliance Lifeline

Ensuring business continuity with a standby SWIFT connection via the SWIFT Community Cloud

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Alliance Connect (Gold, Silver & Bronze)

Offering a range of secure SWIFT connectivity options

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Alliance Remote Gateway

Reducing the cost and complexity of your on premise infrastructure via the SWIFT Community Cloud

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Alliance Gateway

Providing a single gateway to SWIFT from multiple messaging interfaces

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Hardware Security Module (HSM)

Securing the generation, storage and use of PKI certificates

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Ensuring technical interoperability for all SWIFT users

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SWIFT Certificate Centre

Manage your SWIFT certificate on a personal token

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Related solutions

Alliance Web Platform SE

The graphical user interface for Alliance products

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Alliance Kits

Cost-effective SWIFT connectivity in a single package

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Alliance RMA

A powerful and easy way to manage your SWIFT business relationships

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