Financial Market Infrastructures

Delivering secure, reliable, efficient and cost effective solutions for Market Infrastructures and their communities

Financial Market Infrastructures

SWIFT supports more than 220 Financial Market Infrastructures around the world

Payment Market Infrastructures – HVPs and LVPs

SWIFT supports more than 80 High Value Payment systems / RTGS’ and more than 25 Low Value Payment systems / ACHs with secure, reliable and global messaging services.

Securities Market Infrastructures – CSDs and CCPs

SWIFT supports more than 80 Central Securities Depositories (CSDs) and more than 35 Central Counterparties (CCPs) with secure, reliable and global messaging services.

FX / Treasury Market Infrastructure

SWIFT is the sole messaging provider supporting CLS and its community.

Real-time Retail Payment Solutions

SWIFT is developing distributed 24/7/365 real-time payments clearing solutions.

Resilience Solutions – MIRS

MIRS is a generic RTGS system that provides operational and business continuity to RTGS operators in case of failure of their primary and/or secondary sites.

ISO 20022 Standards Expertise

SWIFT has specialist ISO 20022 tools and services, aimed at MIs and the communities that have decided to migrate to the standard.

Sibos MI Forum

The MI Forum magazine complements the Sibos Market Infrastructure Forum. It captures the views and opinions of key figures in the industry.

Industry initiatives

Each of our regional teams is fully capable of handling large-scale and mission-critical financial market infrastructure projects with strong support from our headquarters. We have a proven track record in successfully developing highly complex systems and migrating large customer communities.