SWIFT gpi: Cross-border payments, transformed

The revolution of cross-border payments

SWIFT gpi: Cross-border payments, transformed

A new era in global payments.

By embracing SWIFT gpi – the new standard in global payments – banks are now sending and receiving funds quickly and securely to anyone, anywhere in the world, with full transparency over where a payment is at any given moment. SWIFT gpi dramatically improves cross-border payments across the correspondent banking network, and not least for corporates for whom speed, certainty and a smooth international payments experience is an absolute must.

SWIFT gpi - Cross-border payments, transformed.

A new era in cross-border payments

About gpi

The digital transformation of cross-border payments

A largescale transformation is happening in cross-border payments. Find out how SWIFT gpi is facilitating this change.

Benefits of gpi

Fast, transparent, trackable cross-border payments

We are redefining the way cross-border payments happen. Discover the benefits underpinning this new norm.


Unlocking payment confirmations for all

By the end of 2020, every financial institution on SWIFT will have certainty their payment has reached the beneficiary. Find out why and how we're making this happen.

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Benefit from SWIFT gpi

Fast payments

Credit international beneficiaries in seconds and, at most, minutes.

End-to-end tracking

Track payments end-to-end in real-time.

Fee and FX transparency

See bank fees charged and FX rates applied.

Confirmed credit

Receive a credit confirmation message when your beneficiary has been paid.

Unaltered remittance information

Ensure remittance data is unchanged when payment arrives.

Reduced Costs

Benefit from reduced enquiry costs due to ability to track payments.

Moving towards global gpi adoption

Moving towards global adoptionMoving towards global adoption of SWIFT gpi

SWIFT gpi is continuing to gain rapid traction with financial institutions around the world.

Over 56% of all cross-border payments on SWIFT are now sent via gpi, representing more than $300 billion in daily value.

Now, we’re aiming to bring the benefits of gpi – speed, certainty and transparency – to the entire SWIFT community.