Market Infrastructures

Delivering secure, reliable and efficient solutions for Market Infrastructures and their communities

Market Infrastructures

SWIFT supports more than 220 financial market infrastructures globally with standardised messaging solutions and value-added services. Market Infrastructures can also reuse their existing SWIFT infrastructure to connect to multiple MIs and achieve significant economies of scale.

Our MI Forum facilitates thought-leadership industry dialogue, providing an online platform for the exchange of knowledge and sharing of ideas between market infrastructures and their communities.

SWIFT for Market Infrastructures

Payments Market Infrastructures

SWIFT supports over 80 High Value Payment systems / RTGS and more than 25 Low Value Payment systems / ACHs with secure, reliable and global messaging services.

Securities Market Infrastructures

SWIFT supports over 80 Central Securities Depositories (CSDs) and more than 35 Central Counterparties (CCPs) with secure, reliable and global messaging services.

FX / Treasury Market Infrastructures

SWIFT is the messaging provider supporting CLS and its community.

Resilience solutions

SWIFT’s Market Infrastructure Resilience Service (MIRS) helps RTGS operators comply with CPSS-IOSCO guidelines

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