Maintain your data

Discover the value of providing and maintaining your own reference data directly via the SWIFTRef utility

Contribution and cooperation

To ensure our data is of the highest quality, SWIFTRef is based on the concept of contribution and continual cooperation with relations worldwide.

It doesn’t cost anything to contribute your reference data and publish your data to counterparty financial institutions and corporates worldwide via SWIFTRef.

By doing so, you’ll join a large group of existing contributors, such as central banks, clearing houses, code issuers and financial institutions.


Our freely available SWIFTRef Publishing Area Keys (PAKs) make it easy for you to publish and manage data – such as SSIs and SEPA information, SEPA-scheme adherence or ACH memberships.

Free subscription

It is free of charge to contribute and publish reference data via SWIFTRef.

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