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Change your Legal or Publication information

Subject to your Swift user category and the change requested, you need to provide supporting documentation and information details supporting your request: List of documents - Detailed guidance and requirements.

Swift reserves the right to request additional documents in the scope of its Know Your Customer- usership, validation process.  Failure to provide the documents in a timely manner or insufficient evidence of its compliance with the eligibility criteria and conditions for admission may be a cause for rejection of your change request.

Complete the order details. Some fields are prefilled automatically; some provide a selection through a drop down menu. Mandatory fields are indicated by an orange triangle.

The legal change e-order listed below are used for connected BIC or PIC. If you would like to make change to your non connected BIC or branch code, please go to Non-connected BIC and branch code | Swift

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Ordering checklist

Should your organisation need to change its name / address, or transfer contracts, please select the corresponding scenario from the below list.

In case you would like to change or add contacts and addresses for shipping, billing or contract purposes, or change the e-ordering delegation, please update “Your profile” on

In case of doubt:

Please contact your account manager via Sales/Training | Swift or, who will establish the best suitable scenario.

To that effect, answering to the below questions will be useful in order to select the appropriate scenario:

  • What is/are the institution name(s) and BIC / PIC code(s) you are enquiring for?
  • Does it concern a merger, acquisition or transfer to a separate legal entity? 

If yes:

  • Is it with an existing Swift user, and if so, which one (including BIC code)?
  • Is it with a non-existing Swift user?
  • Does it result in a name change?  If so, what is the new organisation name?
  • Does it result in the set-up of a new legal entity, e.g. with the new company registration number or new tax ID number?
  • If several BIC codes are involved, will any of them deactivate? If so, which one(s) and when?
  • Are Swift shareholders involved?  If yes, what is their BIC code?

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Do you have any questions?

Contact us to find out how we can help you.

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Update your VAT number

The deadline to submit changes is five business days before month end. The changes will be effective on your invoice the following month. No retroactive invoices will be issued with the new VAT number provided.