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Register for a non-connected BIC and a branch code

This page allows you to register a BIC, and a branch code, without connecting to the SWIFT network

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Ordering checklist

  • Read the BIC registration procedure and the BIC Policy which provide a general description of the rules related to the registration and the publication of BICs.

  • Before ordering a new non-connected BIC, you must register your organisation.

  • New organisation registration CHECKLIST (*). 

    • Document 1: Extract from Company / Trade Registry
      • Provide a recent proof from your official companies’ registration authority (less than 3 months old), that your organisation is legally existing and properly registered in your country. In case such proof originates from an online trade registry, please provide a full PDF print and the URL to that specific page.  If not available in the country, a certificate of good standing issued by the local authorities, or a copy of the latest annual return as filed with the authorities must be transmitted.

    • Document 2: Proof of authority of the signer
      • The registration form must be signed by a person who has signing authority and commit the registering organisation, and we strongly recommend it to be signed by an authorized signer mentioned on the extract of trade registry. Otherwise, evidence of such signature authority (e.g. Power of Attorney or POA) must be provided. Such POA must be issued and signed by someone authorised to grant such authority and SWIFT should be able to check this against provided official documents. Kindly ensure the signature is identical with official identification documents.

    • Document 3: Copy of official identification documents
      • Identity verification is required for

        • (1) the signer of the registration form

        • (2) if applicable, the person(s) granting the provided signature authority to the signer of the registration form (POA)

      • Provide sharp colour copies of valid, official government-issued picture ID’s such as a passport (including the opposite passport page) or the front and back of government issued national identity cards

    • Document 4: E-order form
      • A printed copy of the e-order signed by authorized signer.

  • Should the original information or document not be in English, please kindly provide an English translation. Poor quality documents will be discarded. These mandatory document are required by the date of E-form submission + 8 working days. In case the documents are not received by this date, the e-order may be cancelled. The aforementioned list is non-exhaustive, SWIFT reserve the right to require additional documents for due diligence and compliance on a case by case basis.

  • Upon registration of your organisation, you will receive credentials to access the form for ordering a non-connected BIC.

  • A non-connected BIC is always published in the ISO directory of BICs and in the different SWIFTRef directories.

  • A non-connected BIC is validated in the same way as a connected BIC in the text of a SWIFT message.

  • A non-connected BIC cannot be used in the header of a SWIFT message, otherwise it will be rejected by the SWIFT system.

  • A 3-character branch code is optional and may be used to identify a branch, a department or a service of the same organisation.


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