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Expert consultancy for your sanctions and PEP compliance programmes

Complying with sanctions compliance obligations across multiple jurisdictions is complex and demanding. However good your systems and your team, there are always times when additional specialist knowledge or independent advice is required. Our experts are here to help.

Looking for independent advice?

Are you looking for independent assessment and assurance that your filters for transaction, customer and PEP screening are working as they should and your screening programme is effective and efficient?

Perhaps you require expert advice about a proposed new system or project?

Or maybe your need is for ongoing technical support for your sanctions filters and screening programme?

Our financial crime compliance experts have implemented SWIFT’s comprehensive Sanctions Testing product at many of the world’s largest financial institutions, so whatever your need, they have the knowledge, technical skills and industry experience to get to the right result. Our range of professional services and consultancy, from standardised service packages to value-added expert services and strategic advice, can be closely tailored to your needs.

Sanctions Testing and Peer Assessments

Our Sanctions Testing product is used in-house by many top institutions worldwide to test, tune and optimise their transaction, customer and PEP filters. For those who prefer, we also provide filter testing, assessment, optimisation and audit reporting services on a consultancy basis, bringing you the combined benefits of our expertise and our Sanctions Testing product, as a service.

Our thorough Sanctions Testing Assessment can be delivered as a “one-off” or as part of a broader engagement. During the assessment, we’ll test the exact and “fuzzy” matching performance of your transaction and customer screening filters against pre-defined test formats. We’ll also validate your sanctions lists and ensure that your filter configuration is aligned to your business needs and risk appetite.

The results of the assessment are delivered in a report and presentation that’s easy to analyse and share. The assessment can also be provided as an official audit report.

Our additional Peer Assessment service lets you compare the performance of your sanctions filters against those of other participating institutions, using a performance baseline of aggregated data from Sanctions Testing users with similar business characteristics.

We can also provide tailored evaluations of your systems and processes, including reviews of list and filter solution designs from external or in-house providers.

Filter optimisation

As well as assessing and evaluating your sanctions filters and sanctions screening programmes, we can help you optimise their effectiveness. We’ll tune your transaction, customer and PEP filters and optimise your sanctions and PEP lists to reduce false alerts, helping your teams to focus their efforts more precisely.

Implementation support  

Should you decide to purchase Sanctions Testing, we provide implementation support and training to make sure it’s used as effectively as possible and you get the most value from your investment.  

Our Financial Crime Consulting services further complement our Sanctions Testing product and services offering. We provide strategy and analysis, requirements and specification for vendor and in-house projects, as well as highly skilled implementation and operational support, quality assurance and optimisation.

It’s all part of our commitment as a trusted partner delivering community-inspired financial crime compliance solutions.

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Expert Consultancy