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Complete the order details. Some fields are prefilled automatically; some provide a selection through a drop down menu. Mandatory fields are indicated by an orange triangle.

Understanding the ordering process

Find out how to place your order, track your order and request high priority or emergency handling.

Ordering checklist

In case you would like to change or add contacts and addresses for shipping, billing or contract purposes, or change the e-ordering delegation, please update “Your profile” on

In case of doubt:

Please contact your Commercial Administrator who will establish the best suitable scenario.

The transfer price is displayed on the form for information purposes only. Note also that price ultimately applicable may differ due to e.g., different prices being applicable at the time they become due. Consult your SWIFT sales representative for details.

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Transfer of contracts (no change to the legal entity)

If your organization wishes to transfer all or some contracts to another SWIFT user, please complete the e-form on the right side.
• Only contracts that are independent from BIC/PIC can be transferred. Typically, contracts regarding the SWIFT infrastructure such as SIPN connections (if the connection remains in the same location), SNL, SAG, SAA/SAE licenses, kits, HSM maintenance.
• Service contracts are not transferrable.

The e-order will be processed upon receipt of the new contracting party approval. Preferred implementation date should be on a Saturday at least 10 days after submission of the e-form.
Note that a transfer fee will be charged to the new contracting party amounting to 10% of the one-time fee for interface and SNL related contracts. This can be checked with your Regional Account Manager. In case you have received a commercial quotation from SWIFT, please specify your commercial quotation reference in the e-order.
Special caution: if you intend to deactivate your BIC, or resign from the partner program (PIC), and wish to transfer certain contracts to another SWIFT user, please ensure that the request to transfer contracts is entered before the resignation and deactivation of the BIC, or the resignation of the PIC from the partner program. Once the BIC is deactivated or the PIC is discontinued, contracts can no longer be transferred to another party.

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