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SWIFTSmart is an interactive, cloud-based service that provides more than 200 courses in multiple languages. Whether you are looking for a basic introduction to SWIFT or advanced instructions on payment systems, the service gives you the flexibility to train your staff anytime, anywhere and from any device.

SWIFTSmart helps you to make the most of SWIFT standards, products and services and enables you to learn more about industry topics, and offers troubleshooting modules on your on-premises SWIFT infrastructure.

Future enhancements
During the first half of 2019 more content will be gradually added on Warehouse, ESMIG, ISO 20022 migration, Standards MT Release 2019, Payment Controls Service and HSM. We will also deepen topics such as MyStandards, SWIFT gpi, CSP and Alliance Lite2. Introductory courses to Sanctions Screening, Artificial Intelligence, SWIFTRef and Foreign Exchange will be available soon as well. We will also launch courses about security awareness for customers

Experiment, learn, enjoy

SWIFTSmartExperiment, learn, enjoy
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Experiment, learn, enjoy

Cloud-based learning platform

Accessible from desktop or mobile devices, giving unlimited access to presentations, animations, videos, exercises, quizzes and games on our products and business areas.

Interactive social learning

As SWIFTSmart evolves to blend digital and social learning, you will be able to share your experiences with peers through group discussions, and steer developments via online feedback.

Personalised experience

Learning is adapted to different user profiles, offering personalised training plans and profile-based recommendations. Our courses are available in most popular languages.

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Experiment, learn, enjoy