Tailored training

Guided bespoke training programmes to suit your needs.

Tailored training

Your learning needs are unique – which is why we offer a full range of tailored training programmes.

Different institutions have different goals and challenges, while local markets present diverse challenges. Ensuring that training is adapted to your needs, our on-demand programmes include:

> Customised training

Customised for your institution, our training programmes can be delivered onsite, through SWIFTSmart or through a combination of the two.

> Community training

Specialist training programmes adapted to the needs of your community.

> Bootcamps

Deep dive sessions organised by SWIFT to build robust knowledge on major industry topics.

Our training services draw upon 40 years of experience of SWIFT in the financial industry. Guiding you through a unique learning experience, our certified training experts work efficiently to meet your training goals.

Diverse deliver channels

Tailored trainings can include pre-testing to determine participants’ knowledge levels, be followed by self-paced learning on SWIFTSmart or a classroom hands-on session, on-the-job coaching and final assessment.

Operational excellence

All course content is customised to suit your needs and optimise your benefit. Topics may include SWIFT standards for payments, trade, treasury and securities, as well as technical infrastructure and security.

Expert guidance

Our certified experts guide you through the definition and delivery of a unique learning experience and ensure your objectives are met.

Next steps

To learn more about how we can deliver a programme tailored to your needs, talk to your account manager, complete the tailored training request form or contact us by email.