SWIFT certification: take your learning to the next level

Join our certification programme to benchmark SWIFT expertise and build knowledge

The right expertise for your team

Having the right expertise within your team is essential - especially in the financial industry. SWIFT’s certification gives you the tools you need to enhance the knowledge of your team and certify their expertise. Likewise, when recruiting you can rest assured that SWIFT certified candidates have the competencies and skills that you need.

If you use SWIFT products and services every day in your role, certification brings the opportunity to strengthen your knowledge and proficiency in key areas. It validates you as an in-house expert, building your reputation and opening up future opportunities.

Certification tracks

You can choose from a range of certification tracks to build candidates’ knowledge within specific roles.

Candidates will need to pass a formal exam under controlled conditions before obtaining an official SWIFT certification. SWIFT certifications are valid for a limited period to ensure your skills remain current. The SWIFT certification programme is charged as a community price.

Certification tracks include the following:


Each learning track has a clearly defined scope so you can build your knowledge according to the learning objectives and prepare for your exam.


The exam process includes a number of controls and proctoring options to ensure candidates are tested fairly and consistently.

Recognition and validity

Certifications are valid for a defined period to ensure skills are current. Certifications from SWIFT are widely recognized and highly valued by the industry.

SWIFT certification: take your learning to the next level