SWIFT certification programme

Establish yourself as a qualified expert

SWIFT certification: more than a piece of paper

SWIFT certification does more than provide formal proof of your expertise. By enhancing your specialised knowledge and proficiency in key areas, you can also boost your individual and institutional reputation and open up new development opportunities.

In order to obtain an official SWIFT qualification, you will need to pass a formal exam – proof of your SWIFT-specific expertise gained on the job or during our training courses.

The qualification further solidifies you as the in-house expert within your organisation, enabling you to make a more effective contribution.

We offer a variety of certification types, each focusing on specific roles.

Authenticate your knowledge

The qualification confirms you as the in-house expert, boosting your contribution to the organisation.

Build your reputation

By optimizing your know how and competences in key areas, you can also amplify your reputation and build new development opportunities.

Strengthen your knowledge

You can evaluate your level of proficiency against the required benchmark – gaining a greater understanding of your strengths, while identifying areas for improvement.

Next steps

Find out more about SWIFT certification and the types of qualification available.

SWIFT certification programme