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Certification options to suit your needs

By passing a formal proctored exam, candidates can demonstrate their SWIFT knowledge and skills with an accredited certification. The SWIFT certification process relies on common rules, giving you peace of mind that candidates are tested fairly and consistently. 

Our two proctoring solutions guarantee candidates complete their exams under controlled conditions while giving you maximum flexibility in rolling out your staff certification programme.

SWIFT-proctored certifications

SWIFT-proctored certifications give you a controlled and efficient examination process. Our proctored exams are supervised by a SWIFT consultant onsite, combining with a tailored learning event to help boost the pass rate for you and your staff. 

Our service includes:

  • A subject matter expert to help review the exam scope and identify knowledge gaps
  • A learning event customised to your learning requirements
  • Exams conducted right after the learning event to get full control of the certification programme roll out and collect immediate results
  • On-site event to help you reduce travel costs, time away from office duties and maximise return on investment

Customer-proctored certifications

Our customer-proctored solution gives you increased flexibility and streamlines the examination process:

  • Order your preferred certification track directly online
  • Carry out examinations when it suits you
  • Fully supervised exams by an independent locally-appointed proctor

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