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Collecting and re-formatting sanctions data from public lists sources is time-consuming, and can lead to delays and information gaps.

Our Sanctions List Distribution service ends manual updates and formatting, enabling you to focus on managing your filter updates and alerts. It automatically updates public sanctions lists, validates data and standardises formats and, as a shared service with our  Financial Crime Compliance product suite, it offers a cost-effective solution to an industry-wide need.

Up-to-date lists are available for download from the SWIFTRef platform in OFAC standard XML format, enabling prompt implementation in your filters and screening systems.

As well as European Union, OFAC and United Nations lists, further lists will be added to support sanctions compliance by our community.

Sanctions List Distribution

Efficient sanctions compliance

Sanctions List Distribution automatically updates and formats public sanctions lists, ending the need for manual searches, updates and formatting.

Filters updated fast

Simply download up-to-date public sanctions lists in XML format whenever you need. Then you can focus on updating your filters promptly, avoiding delays and information gaps.

Quality and affordability

Benefit from immediate access to up-to-date, quality sanctions list data, giving you peace of mind your compliance processes are both efficient and effective.

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