Renminbi: what does it mean for your business?

The Chinese Renminbi (RMB) is growing as an international currency. Follow the developing story with our unique market analyses

Follow the internationalisation of RMB

The internationalisation of RMB is a strategically important topic for financial institutions. Keep up-to-date with RMB use across geographies and sectors with reports from our Business Intelligence portfolio.

RMB Tracker

RMB Tracker uses SWIFT message data to chart the use of RMB across markets. A free of charge, monthly report.

RMB Market Insights

Do you need deeper analysis? Our quarterly RMB Market Insights uses monthly RMB flow data to provide a comprehensive view.

RMB market practices guidelines

These guidelines document the use of SWIFT MT and ISO 15022 messages for offshore CNY transactions.

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Business Intelligence Services: tailored insights for your business

When you need greater focus and more granular data, we offer customised reporting and consultancy using our Watch platform