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What does the internationalisation of the RMB mean for your business? Follow the developing story with our monthly market updates

Follow the internationalisation of China’s currency

With over 1,900 financial institutions now using the Renminbi (RMB) for payments with China and Hong Kong, the internationalisation of RMB is a strategically important topic for banks and FIs. How is your business affected? Where should you be targeting resources? Are you sufficiently informed? 

The RMB Tracker is a free monthly report from SWIFT Business Intelligence to help you track and understand how RMB is being used across geographies and financial sectors. Based on aggregated message data for RMB transactions available only from SWIFT, the tracker provides key statistics and market insights in an easy-to-access report.


Since 2010, SWIFT has actively supported its customers and the financial industry regarding RMB internationalisation through various publications and reports. The SWIFT RMB Tracker, issued on a monthly basis, provides the community with insights into the local conversation about China’s Renminbi and its global adoption.

– Astrid Thorsen, Head of Business Intelligence solutions

The RMB Tracker is available as a pdf report in English, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese and Japanese. There’s also a more detailed PowerPoint presentation pack.

RMB Tracker uses data available only from SWIFT

The RMB Tracker uses aggregated message data (volumes and values) from RMB transactions over SWIFT. This neutral data provides valuable market insights.

Free and easy to access

Current and previous editions of the free monthly RMB Tracker are accessible via our website, in pdf and more detailed PowerPoint versions.

In English, Chinese and Japanese

The RMB Tracker is available in English, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese and Japanese.

RMB Tracker

Follow the story of RMB internationalisation with our monthly reports.