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Table of contents

Business Intelligence Services

Our Watch online reporting and analysis platform provides dynamic analysis options and interactive views of your payments, trade finance, fx or securities business, based on unique Swift data.

But when you need something even more focused or specific, we can deliver.
For more information about Watch, contact us.

Tailored reports and consultancy

Using data technology and expertise, we customise and tailor insights into your Swift message data delivered over our Watch platform. For example:

FX Performance Insights

Swift’s FX Performance Insights service enables you to continuously measure your FX business performance against those of your peers, allowing you to make more informed strategic decisions, based on metrics derived from actual transactions rather than survey-based information.

This benchmarking service can be customised based on your selected parameters, such as product group (cash, options), currency, customer segment (Investment managers, Corporates, Custodian ‘Insourcers’…) and region.

We offer one service tailored to two different segments:

Relationship Management Application (RMA) analysis

Having a view on your RMA authorisations can serve as a very effective first line of defence against undesirable or unexpected transaction flows. An unknown RMA relationship is potentially an open door for transactions that you might not even be aware of.

Benefit from our Relationship Management Application (RMA) analysis of centralised traffic information to better understand, manage and mitigate operational and compliance risks. Download the RMA Usage Review and Removal Service factsheet

Strategic engagements

When you choose Business Intelligence Services, we’ll work with you to identify your reporting needs, set up custom reports for your departments and managers, and train your teams to run the reports where needed. We can integrate reports with your in-house systems, or cross-reference Swift traffic with data you specify, depending on your requirements.

We also provide country reports based on a variety of metrics. Data feeds in your preferred formats can be directly delivered to your in-house models and forecasting tools. 

Customised business reports

Whether you want to track performance in a currency or product, or discover insights into your penetration of key markets, we can customise the reports you need, including benchmarking against a group of peers. 

The tailored statistics and business insights provided by Swift give us a clear and in-depth view of our business with all our counterparties. This means we can make the correct strategic decisions.

– Cristina Del Mastro, Head of Clearing & FX Products Italy – UniCredit.

Corporates Business Development dashboard

This customised report tracks your corporate business by country or sector to show your penetration of this market and the evolution of volumes in payments, treasury and trade finance. Compare your position against peers based on the total number of corporate connections and overall traffic volumes.

Peer benchmarking

Capture competitive and strategic insights to feed into your strategy and business plans. Our standard Watch products allow some benchmarking against peer groups. We can also customise benchmarking based on your selected parameters, such as type of player, country, currency or traffic corridor providing a clearer, more precise view of your position in the market.

BI services visual Peer benchmarking

Data enrichment

A valuable option that uses new data fields in FIN (MT) messages’ payloads to extract and analyse additional information, such as charging details and country of origin and destination for sent and received payment instructions.

RMB Market Insights

The free, monthly RMB Tracker is a good place to start monitoring the development of the Renminbi (RMB) as an international currency. For strategy development, you may want more granular information and competitive information. Our quarterly RMB Market insights will provide you with the additional fact-based analysis you need.


Our expert Business Intelligence Services consultants train your teams so that you get the most out of the Watch platform. Please ask us about training options.


Comprehensive support is on offer as part of a customised service agreement when you choose Swift Business Intelligence Services.