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Table of contents

What version of the ISO 20022 messages is CGI working with?

CGI Work Groups 1, 2 and 3 are continuing to support guidelines based on the ISO 20022 2009 release of the messages. This is due to the growing adoption of the current guidelines by corporates and software applications, as well as unwillingness by financial industry market stakeholders to invest in development for subsequent releases.

CGI will launch a gap analysis between the versions in each Work Group to summarise the changes which will be critical in determining the next version of the CGI guidelines.

For Work Group 4 (eBAM – electronic Bank Account Management), CGI will support guidelines based on the ISO 20022 2010 release. The Work Group plans to perform a gap analysis between published version. Consideration will be given to the adoption of a later ISO 20022 version, based on the results of the gap analysis and feedback from the adoption of the 2010 release.

As eBAM is a nascent standard, this approach is needed to protect the interest of those companies, banks and vendors that have invested in adopting the messages based on the ISO 20022 2010 release.

Business area Message  Purpose CGI guidelines available  ISO 20022 release
Payment and direct debit initiations pain.001.001.02 Payment initiation No 2006
pain.002.001.02  Status Report  No 2006
pain.001.001.03 Payment initiation Yes  2009
pain.002.001.03 Status Report Yes 2009
pain.008.001.02 Direct Debit Initiation Yes 2009
Bank-to-Customer reporting camt.052.001.02 Account Report (Intra-Day) Yes 2009
camt.053.001.02 Account Statement (End-of-Day) Yes 2009
camt.054.001.02 Debit/Credit Notification Yes 2009

Will CGI publish new guidelines with each release of ISO 20022 messages?

Each ISO 20022 release will be considered independently.

Are there CGI XML-message schemas aligned to the guidelines?

No. All CGI guidelines are based on ISO 20022 standard message schemas that can be downloaded from

What does it mean to a corporate or a vendor if a financial institution supports CGI?

A financial institution (FI) that endorses or supports CGI indicates that it is able to accept or send a message based on the CGI guidelines. An FI may support an implementation based solely on the CGI templates. Alternatively, it may support CGI within a broader processing model based on ISO 20022.

An FI may not need all of the data contained in a message that it receives. In such cases, the FI agrees to ignore the data instead of asking the sender to exclude the data.

In the same way, if a bank sends a message containing more data than the recipient needs, the recipient will ignore any data that is not required.

Does a corporate need to hold collaboration meetings with its banks?

If all of the banks are members of CGI, a collaboration meeting will not typically be necessary. However, if the corporate wants to understand a message in more detail, it may decide that a meeting would be beneficial.

How can an organisation provide feedback to CGI?

The organisation should join CGI and take an active participation role in one or more Work Groups. A contributing member may also be able to influence work efforts and direction through the CGI Plenary.