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A smooth journey to ISO 20022

ISO 20022, the data foundation for better payments, is being rolled out worldwide. By 2025, an estimated 80% of real-time gross settlement (RTGS) system payments will rely on ISO 20022. Many Payment Market Infrastructures (PMIs) are either already live using ISO 20022, or have plans to adopt it in the next couple of years.

But there’s a risk the landscape will become fragmented with PMIs creating different variants of the message standard for their domestic payment systems, which increases complexity and friction. PMIs, therefore, need a simple and harmonised way to adopt ISO 20022 in their domestic market, from creation and implementation through to maintenance.

Introducing the ISO Accelerator Pack

The ISO Accelerator Pack enables PMIs and their communities to adopt the future language for payments in a faster, smoother and more efficient way which saves both time and effort.

It is an off-the-shelf solution that allows for seamless adoption of ISO 20022 and efficient maintenance of its message standards. By combining proven message specifications, a central validation service, predefined validation and translation libraries, tailored support and Swift standards expertise, it allows for a fast and cost-effective adoption of message standards compliant with HVPS+ and CBPR+.

Francis Chipimo
On 14 October 2023, the Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) of Zambia – the Zambia Interbank Payment and Settlement System (ZIPSS) – migrated to ISO 20022. The ISO Accelerator Pack and Swift’s expertise helped Zambia achieve an important milestone in our vision to create and maintain a secure, efficient, and reliable national payments system. It positions our community even better for active participation in regional and global payments initiatives.
Francis Chipimo (PhD), Deputy Governor, Operations, Bank of Zambia
Shriyanka Hore
With over 70 PMIs adopting ISO 20022 in the coming years, the ISO Accelerator Pack provides a standardised solution for HVPS+ implementation, ensuring a harmonised, efficient and effective way forward for PMIs and their communities.
Shriyanka Hore Managing Director, Product Tribe Lead of Market Infrastructures, MI Communities, Standards Services, Swift

Benefits at a glance

Accelerated migration

Faster implementation of HVPS+/ CBPR+ compliant specifications, validation and translations.

Harmonised market practices

Alignment based on the adoption of common market practice.

Quick SwiftNet setup

Simplified provisioning of the SwiftNet service.

Mitigated risk and managed costs

Effective adoption and maintenance by reusing an off-the-shelf solution.

Tailored support

Tailored support and Swift standards expertise.

Efficient implementation

Common and reusable implementation for participants connecting to multiple PMIs.

Key features

For PMIs

  • Usage guidelines derived from HVPS+, aligned with CBPR+ – Message definitions in the ISO Accelerator Pack are primarily based on the HVPS+ market practices defined by a body of leading PMIs around the globe, and further aligned with CBPR+ guidelines.
  • Specifications and off-network testing on MyStandards The message specifications can be easily consulted and downloaded from a central repository, MyStandards. MyStandards also allows PMIs and their participants to test against the ISO Accelerator Pack message formats and validation rules.
  • User Handbook Provides detailed explanations of message definitions, conceptual payment business flow use cases and samples to support these. This is a guide to best practices to aid implementation of a domestic business payment process. 
  • SwiftNet Central Message Validation (MVal) – Enables central validation by Swift of payload content exchanged between service participants. Swift verifies whether the message conforms to the format and set of rules chosen by the service administrator and delivers the message to the receiver. Users receive a report when the validation is successful, or an error message with more details if not.
  • Tailored support and Swift standards expertise – Assists PMIs in adopting ISO 20022 standards for their RTGS system and in implementing required Swift products and services.


For PMI participants

  • Validation package – Includes message definitions and formats, which enables easier manual message creation, search, routing and GUI capabilities that can be tailored based on these definitions.
  • MT/ISO 20022 translation package​ – Includes ready-to-use conversion libraries with pre-defined definitions of messages and validation rules, eliminating the need for time-consuming analysis and mapping design.

Want to find out more? 

For more information, or to get started with the ISO Accelerator Pack, please contact your Swift account manager.