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ISO 20022 Programme document centre

Note that some of the content in this document centre refers to November 2021 as the start date for the ISO 20022 and SWIFT MT coexistence period. The updated timeline for ISO 20022 adoption is available on the timeline page. SWIFT users should refer to this updated timeline.

Last update: 3 December 2020

ISO 20022 third party toolkit

Communicate the benefits and adoption requirements of ISO 20022 to your clients with this toolkit featuring a demo video...

Last update: 23 November 2020

ISO 20022 Services

Expertise, tailored to your needs. Supporting you in your ISO 20022 adoption journey.

Also available in: Chinese, Simplified
Last update: 23 November 2020

Payments are entering a new era with ISO 20022

Quality data means quality payments

Last update: 4 November 2020

ISO 20022 Global Vendor Webinar October 2020

Slides of the ISO 20022 Global Vendor Webinar - October 2020 (English)

Last update: 13 October 2020

ISO 20022 in focus with Standard Chartered Bank

Case study: ISO 20022 in focus with  Standard Chartered Bank


Last update: 8 October 2020

Your guide to ISO 20022 adoption

ISO 20022 is set to usher in higher quality data and as a result higher quality payments. Watch this session to discover...

Last update: 1 October 2020

J.P. Morgan on ISO 20022 - Payments Language of the Future

J.P. Morgan is investing in ISO 20022 to build out an increasingly frictionless payments experience.

Last update: 28 September 2020

Webinar recording - 2021 Budget Reference for Customers

ISO 20022 Programme - August 2020

Also available in: Spanish
Last update: 25 September 2020

ISO 20022 for dummies

Read this book for more info on why ISO 20022 matters, and the benefits for you.