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Swift GPI - Swift Compatible Application Programme

Benefits of being Swift GPI Compatible Application Provider

  • Increases your brand visibility and market presence by being listed as ‘Swift Compatible’ on the Swift compatible application list 
  • Allows you to use the Swift GPI compatible label in you marketing materials and for business development purposes
  • Increases the value of your customer offering with additional Swift compatible capabilities
  • Provides industry recognition for taking a leading role in the market adoption of Swift initiatives

Currently gpi testing for FIN messages for vendors is being held in Vendor Test Bed (VTB), which is an integral part of the gpi Compatible Application process. When applying for a gpi label Third Party Providers must support all the mandatory functionalities mentioned in official gpi documentation.

The purpose of the gpi VTB is to offer Third Party Providers the opportunity to test and validate their gpi application’s readiness for Swift GPI focusing on FIN messages. This enables Third Party Providers to offer only well-tested applications, thereby reducing additional delays and costly bug fixes for gpi customers.

To qualify for Swift Compatible Programme, applications must offer a set of business functions described in the gpi related documentation.

Swift experts award the label after a positive Technical and Functional validation.

Please note: In order to use the Vendor Test Bed (VTB), you need the Connectivity and Alliance packs, as well as a subscription to the messaging services and solutions.

Certification process for Swift GPI Compatible Application Providers contains the following stages:

Step 1

Become a Swift’s Partner
Register with Swift by joining the Partner Programme.

Step 2

Connect to Swift
Choose suitable connectivity method and connectivity pack to connect to Swift.

Step 3

Familiarize with the rulebook, specifications, and label criteria
Download the adequate gpi rulebooks, develop against available specifications and make sure you meet the requirements specified in Swift GPI for Financial Institutions - Label Criteria.

Step 4

Subscribe to gpi Tracker
In order to perform testing in gCAT in ITB environment you need to subscribe to gpi Tracker. For test & training environment you need to subscribe to the gCCT Closed user Group (test).


Step 5

Place e-order for the gpi compatibility label
E-order can be found under section Apply for a Swift Compatible Application (Market Segment: Payments, Label Criteria: gpi). Placing an e-order initiates the certification process.

Step 6

Fill in Swift Compatible Application Profile Sheet for Swift GPI
Fill in the profile sheet and send it to We will contact you to arrange the details of the next steps.

Step 7

Technical validation
Validation is being performed in gpi Customer Automated Testing. gCAT interacts as a gpi counterparty in an automated manner based on pre- defined test cases. The test cases allowed with gCAT are communicated to the partners as part of their technical validation.

Step 8

Functional validation
Provide a product walk-through (demo of the application capabilities) to Swift to explain how the gpi functionality is exposed to clients. The application provider makes available a complete set of documentation, including feature overview user manuals, as well as a customer onboarding journey plan.

Step 9

Customer reference
Once all the steps will be completed, we will reach out to your customer to obtain an opinion about their experience using your application.

Step 10

Congratulation, you are gpi compatible application provider!
Swift GPI for Corporates compatible label will be send to you via e-mail. Moreover, your name will be published on the Swift Compatible Applications list as Swift GPI Compatible Application Provider.