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SWIFT gpi is shaping the future of cross-border payments. A community of thousands of financial institutions are already leveraging gpi to deliver cross-border transactions that are near real time, transparent, cost effective, and secure.

Shifting regulation and a pressure to reduce costs and risk, combined with increasing customer expectations, are more than ever key areas of focus for the capital markets community. SWIFT gpi can help in a number of ways, including reducing the operational costs associated with processing cash payments, decreasing risks associated with incorrect allocations or missed deadlines, and enabling more informed cash management decisions.

SWIFT gpi can improve the payments process in many operational areas, including settlement and reconciliation, collateral management, corporate actions, foreign exchange and fund processing.

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The future of cross-border payments

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ISSA and SWIFT issue major reports on securities markets
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How can SWIFT gpi help capital markets firms cut costs, reduce risk and offer a better customer experience?

Reduce operational costs

Allow quicker reconciliation and reduce costly and time-consuming investigations.

Enhance liquidity management

Monitor liquidity in real-time and optimise cash management.

Improved customer service

Deliver a market leading payment experience through speed, tracking and real-time insights.

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