The digital transformation of cross-border payments

Facilitating a seamless payments experience

A largescale transformation is happening in the cross-border payments world

This transformation is being driven by fundamental shifts in client expectations and available technology, coupled with a proliferation of new payment providers and infrastructures.

SWIFT gpi is at the forefront of this transformation and addresses today’s challenges head on.

Through gpi, SWIFT and the global banking community have collaborated to put in place a new standard for handling cross-border payments. 

SWIFT gpi ensures that international payments meet the industry’s needs for speed, traceability and transparency. It allows banks to provide their customers with a transformed payments experience, enabled through easy to use and simple to set up digital tools.

The future of cross-border payments

SWIFT gpiThe future of cross-border payments
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The future of cross-border payments

Fast payments

Credit international beneficiaries in seconds and, at most, minutes.

End-to-end tracking

Track payments end-to-end in real-time.

Fee and FX transparency

See bank fees charged and FX rates applied.

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25 November 2019

SWIFT gpi revolutionises Currencycloud's payments business from day one

Just two years since its launch, SWIFT gpi has been widely embraced by the global financial community and is fast-...
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18 November 2019

Universal Confirmations customer testimonials

Customer testimonials on why universal payment confirmations are key for the industry.
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18 November 2019

Universal confirmations for banks

What do universal confirmations for all banks mean?
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Case Studies

NAB - Case Study

Read how National Australia Bank has been able to deliver payments information to customers more quickly and easily by opting for APIs when implementing SWIFT gpi.

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How to start your gpi journey

Build your business case

Our new free ebook ‘How to build a business case for SWIFT gpi’ will give you key messages, tips and other useful information to help you make the case for gpi in your organisation.

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If you have any question related to gpi, get in touch with one of gpi experts.

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Adapted to your market segment

For banks

Transform your cross-border payments offering by delivering fast, trackable and transparent payments services.

For corporates

Gain visibility into your international payments, enhance operational efficiency and discover payment insights.

For Market Infrastructures

Deliver value for your community, enable interoperability and guarantee efficient payment clearing with SWIFT gpi.

For Capital Markets

Unlock new benefits for all your payment flows, including those related to settlement, corporate actions, OTC and FX.

For payment application providers

Work with SWIFT during SWIFT gpi adoption - including implementation of universal confirmations for all banks.

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