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Alliance Access/Entry Calendar

Follow this advanced course to learn which Alliance Access/Entry tasks you can schedule and automate. Practise the creation and customisation of calendars. Disclaimer: This module is Release 7.4 compliant (some images in this module use earlier releases of the software). Learning objectives:
  • Identify the two message flow tasks that can be automated if a calendar is defined
  • Name at least three recurring maintenance tasks that can be automated if a calendar is defined
  • Recall the four flags that you can use to mark a day on an Alliance Access/Entry calendar
  • Recall the usage of a default calendar
  • Show how to create a new calendar in Alliance Access/Entry
  • Show how to customise a calendar in Alliance Access/Entry

    You can also get help for typical questions on this product from our Release 7.2 support page

  • Training details

    Category Deploy and Manage Software Solutions
    Alliance Access
    Duration 00:15
    Language English
    Has sound No