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Alliance Access: Units

Understand the concept of units in Alliance Access, to practise the creation and approval of new units and to learn how you can use units to achieve operator functions restriction.
Disclaimer: This module is Release 7.4 compliant (some images in this module use earlier releases of the software).
Learning objectives:
  • Identify the operator entitlements needed to perform unit management tasks
  • Recall how many units can be assigned to an operator
  • Recognise how security officers can use unit delegation to restrict operator functions
  • Establish if an operator is capable of performing specific tasks on another operators according to their functions restrictions and delegations
  • Differentiate between the security parameters
  • Restrict Functions and Restrict Delegations
  • Demonstrate how to create a new unit in Alliance Access

Training details

Category Deploy and Manage Software Solutions Security and Audit
Duration 00:20
Language English
Has sound No