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Connector for T2S

Simplifying connectivity between your settlement application and T2S, Connector for T2S communicates flows to and from T2S – shielding your settlement application from messaging complexity.

Integrating TARGET2 Securities (T2S) message flows with your back office operations can present significant operational challenges. If you’re already using Alliance Access, you may wish to consider using Connector for T2S, an add-on to Alliance Access which handles a number of T2S integration challenges.

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About Connector for T2S

Facilitating communication flows to and from T2S, Connector for T2S simplifies your operational set up and shields your securities settlement application from T2S message handling complexity. The product handles settlement instructions, advice, reports and query/response messages. It also manages the creation of signatures and the compression/decompression of T2S-related messages and files.

Using Connector for T2S gives you flexibility and choice. By continuing to use the high quality, reliable interface already integrated with your operations, you can reduce costs, increase efficiency and minimise maintenance efforts – allowing you to focus your resources on the business-related aspects of T2S implementation.

Key benefits

Connector for T2S offers the following benefits:

  • Shields your securities settlement application from T2S message handling complexity.
  • Applicable to all T2S flows, including store-and-forward and real-time.
  • Handles T2S specific messaging requirements, including signature creation and verification, compression/decompression, bulking/debulking, timeout and oversize management.
  • Leverage your existing Alliance Access interface.

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