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Sanctions Screening Connector Option

You need to screen financial messages against sanctions lists – but you don’t want to install and maintain your own sanctions filters. Our Sanctions Screening service provides a simple hosted solution, enabling you to screen your transactions in a cost-effective way.

Two setup choices are available. The Copy-based approach allows you to screen incoming and outgoing FIN messages (payment and trade). The Sanctions Screening Connector Option provides additional flexibility for financial institutions and corporations that need to screen ISO 20022-formatted SEPA payments and other non-FIN message formats. It can also handle messages sent over other networks, and provides additional back-office integration in line with your operational and business requirements.

When to choose this option

The Sanctions Screening Connector Option might be suitable in the following situations:

  • You’re required to screen transactions in non-Swift formats, and/or messages which are sent over other networks.
  • You have to screen more transactions and transaction formats than in the past following the introduction of SEPA.
  • You’ve started to screen other messages beyond the usual payments and trade areas.
  • You want to apply more granularity when deciding what types of messages to screen – for example, based on value, correspondent, currency or other criteria.

Key features

The Sanctions Screening Connector Option ‘talks’ to the Sanctions Screening filter using a piece of software implemented within your Alliance Access interface. The back-office system drops messages into Alliance Access, where they are checked against pre-set criteria. If the criteria are met, messages will be screened by Sanctions Screening before being transmitted.

If you require SEPA transaction screening, you can screen individual SEPA transactions before they are added to the batch file using our integration packages. These packages are delivered as consultancy as part of your Sanctions Screening Connector Option implementation. We can also help you to decide at which point in the payments sequence your transactions should be screened.

If you need to screen payments sent over other networks, the Sanctions Screening Connector Option works like an API service and screens messages before they are transmitted.

The Sanctions Screening Connector Option will soon be available to non-Alliance Access users.

For more information, speak to your Swift account manager.