Payments Data Quality service: supporting FATF 16 compliance

Get a clear picture of originator and beneficiary information in your payment messages. Detailed reporting and analytics support compliance with FATF Recommendation 16.

A community-driven solution to support compliance with FATF Recommendation 16

Are you looking for an efficient solution to monitor the presence and completeness of originator and beneficiary information in payments messages for FATF 16* compliance? 

Payments Data Quality is an advanced reporting and data analytics service that enables you to evaluate the quality of originator and beneficiary information in your SWIFT payment messages. It allows you to assess payments data quality across your global operations and with your correspondents, monitor information required for compliance with FATF Recommendation 16 and investigate specific data quality issues.

We’ve worked with the industry to develop Payments Data Quality in line with our community-based approach to financial crime compliance services. The result: a centrally hosted solution that mutualises costs for the industry and eliminates the need for system installation or integration on-site.  

Payments Data Quality enables banks to consistently apply an agreed set of validation rules based on FATF 16 guidelines and will also facilitate the development of industry standards.

It provides the benefit of a single, global overview of all payment messages with all your correspondents and branches and costs far less than implementing an in-house solution.  

Payments Data Quality is part of SWIFT’s expanding Compliance Analytics portfolio. It is available as a standalone service, even if you aren’t a Compliance Analytics customer. Add it for a very cost-effective annual fee, based on your message volumes.

*The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) is an intergovernmental body comprising 35 member jurisdictions and two regional organisations. The FATF Recommendations are recognised as the international standard for combating of money laundering and the financing of terrorism and proliferation of weapons.

The industry solution to support compliance with FATF Recommendation16

This centrally-hosted, neutral service checks the quality of originator and beneficiary information within your payment messages, in line with FATF 16 guidelines. SWIFT’s Payments Data Quality service offers an efficient and cost-effective industry solution.

Promotes best practice and standardisation

Payments Data Quality applies a set of validation rules to evaluate whether messages contain originator and beneficiary information in line with FATF 16 guidelines. It’s an important step towards industry standards, reducing risks and costs for institutions.

Reduces costs of compliance

This centrally hosted service mutualises cost for the industry. There are no installation or integration costs for individual institutions.

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Accelerate your compliance efforts with easy access to Payments Data Quality service.

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