Business Intelligence solutions for gpi

A portfolio of products and services for gpi project initiation, roll out and business development

Strengthening your cross-border payments

SWIFT Business Intelligence solutions bring transparency on your correspondents, your activity share and rank by country and country corridor in traffic, value and currency. This supports your gpi business case and assists with your decision-making and gpi commercialisation.

Unique and actionable gpi insights

You can access analysis of your current end-to-end flows at entity level (BIC8) and a complete picture of your payment landscape and gpi reach by role.

By looking at connected or unconnected corporates, the BI Corporates Business Development Dashboard delivers insights into your corporate reach and helps you understand your traffic evolution and activity share.

Monthly in-depth SWIFT gpi analysis, and daily information on your SWIFT gpi traffic help you to understand SWIFT gpi adoption for each of your entities by currency and country corridors, and allow you to compare traffic with other SWIFT gpi members. 

gpi Observer Insights

A global view of how you and financial institutions are using the gpi rulebook through intuitive and easy-to-use visual dashboards.

gpi Observer Analytics

Advanced and unique analytics and unparalleled insights on gpi traffic strengthen your cross-border payments business.

Banking Analytics Premium

Greater data granularity, bringing you cutting-edge insights for sharper decision-making.