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Make an integration choice

Dedicated Alliance software packs and developer kits are available for developing and test purpose. Prices vary from 4,000 to 30,000 EUR depending on your requirements. Packs are further described in the Developer section.

A simple rule of the thumb to help you select the most appropriate interface for your case:

Alliance Access
  • for any FIN, InterAct or FileAct services.
  • for any volume requirements.
Alliance Gateway
  • you develop a front-end processor for a market infrastructure and need to be as close as possible to the SWIFT network to guarantee response time for FileAct or InterAct real-time services.
  • you want to enter the SWIFT Interface market and develop / qualify a FIN, InterAct or FileAct interface.
Alliance Lite
  • you target small to medium SWIFT Users segment, and expect small exchange volume with SWIFT.
  • your customers are small banks, Fund institutions or Corporates.

Depending on the profile of the application you wish to integrate, you can select one or the other interface and adapter.

Application to integrate with SWIFT First integration choice Alternate integration choice
AML, BAM, or operational  add-on Alliance Access Developer kit  
Bulk Payment (SEPA) Alliance Access adapters Alliance Gateway adapters
Corporate Actions Alliance Access adapters  
Corporate Treasury / Cash Management Alliance Lite AutoClient Alliance Access adapters
Derivatives Alliance Access adapters  
Exceptions & Investigations Alliance Access adapters  
Funds Alliance Access adapters Alliance Lite AutoClient
Interface for  FIN, InterAct or FileAct  Alliance Gateway Developer kit  
Market Infrastructure provider Alliance Gateway Developer kit  
Proxy Voting Alliance Access adapters  
Trade Services Utility (TSU) Alliance Access adapters  
Worker Remittances Alliance Access adapters