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Alliance interfaces

Alliance Access Is the market preferred Messaging interface used by SWIFT customers to transfer messages and files to correspondents and market infrastructures. Alliance Access validates messages against SWIFT Standards, stores them in a local database and ensures that messages are securely routed via the Alliance Gateway to SWIFT and to the messaging counterparty.  Alliance Access also supports InterAct and FileAct through MQ, SOAP and File adapters.
Alliance Lite Provides light lightweight integration software for your business applications. Lite should be considered to connect corporates, investment managers and small banks to SWIFT. Lite AutoClient provides simple file-based interface targeting corporate, funds and investment managers and small banks applications.
Alliance Gateway SWIFT Communication interface is the default traffic gateway used by SWIFT customers. It concentrates all SWIFT traffic and, provides together with SWIFTNet Link software and PKI security, the core secure connection to any authorized SWIFT correspondent.
Own SWIFT Interface You can also develop your own SWIFT Interface for FIN, FileAct and /or InterAct. The Alliance Gateway is the platform of choice for this purpose. Interface vendors need to qualify their interface prior to market their interfaces.