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SWIFT on APIs - delivering the next generation of financial services

The financial services industry is seeing a period of unprecedented change with payments infrastructure markets adopting ISO 20022 standards, Open Banking is set to shape the future of payments, and developments in APIs offering an immense opportunity for driving customer-centric innovation.  This session will provide an opportunity to hear more about SWIFT’s plans for APIs and how you can benefit from this important development.

Audience: Everyone who is interested in learning about SWIFT’s API offering.

SWIFT Connectivity – operating in a public cloud

Cloud adoption is increasing within the financial services industry. At Sibos 2018, SWIFT announced work on a proof of concept to facilitate the future deployment of SWIFT messaging solutions in the cloud.  In this session, we will explain SWIFT connectivity components can be used in a public cloud environment in a reliable, secure and cost efficient way.

Audience: Anyone considering operating SWIFT connectivity in a public cloud.

ISO 20022 Migration – planning for change

As the mandatory adoption of ISO 20022 for all bank-to-bank payment and reporting flows approaches, this session will update you on the latest developments from SWIFT, including the coexistence and migration support measures available to you.  You will also have the opportunity to examine the total impact of moving payments to ISO 20022, and how to plan for the technical and operational changes involved.

Audience: Everyone who is affected by ISO 20022 adoption programmes.

ESMIG - new challenges for the European banking community

As part of its TARGET Consolidation project, connectivity to all TARGET services (TARGET2, T2S and TIPS) will happen through a unique connectivity gateway (the Eurosystem Single Market Infrastructure Gateway - ESMIG) as from November 2021. SWIFT is proud to have been selected as a Network Service Provider for ESMIG. Also in November 2021, TARGET2 and EBA CLEARING's EURO1 service will go live with renewed platforms using fully fledged ISO 20022 in a V-Shape environment. These projects together with the cross border payments migration represent major challenges for the European banking community. This session will give you the opportunity to exchange information about project status, challenges and potential solutions, and what they mean for your infrastructure.

Audience: Anyone who will be involved in the ESMIG project.

Collective Intelligence Cafés

Collective intelligence is shared or group intelligence that emerges from the collaboration, or the collective effort of individuals. By that definition collective intelligence has been around for a very long time in families, in companies, in countries and at the Premium Services Forum.  The Collective Intelligence Cafés will take place as one plenary session where a variety of operational topics are discussed in parallel and you can choose which topics you would like to participate in.  The same topics will be repeated three times to allow you to attend several discussions. Amongst the range of topics we will cover are Security, RMA, ISO20022, SWIFTSmart and more ...

We hope that this format will allow you to share your own unique experiences, and benefit from hearing how others do things. We look forward to a lively, collaborative Café.

Audience: All PSF Participants.