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T2S- Directly Connected Party

T2S aims to improve the efficiency and safety of securities settlement by providing harmonized Delivery-versus-Payment (DvP) settlement in central bank money on a real-time gross basis.

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  • Before your institution subscribes to TARGET2-Securities, discuss your technical configuration needs with your chosen Central Bank or Central Securities Depository.
  • Please ensure you have read the Swift's VAN Solution for T2S Service Description and the Getting Started Roadmap.
  • When subscribing to Swift's VAN Solution for T2S for the first time, you will automatically be registered on all SwiftNet services for the T2S test environments you are allowed to access. Learn more
  • Your registration details (SwiftNet Link ID, SwiftNet addresses) will be identical for all T2S Test environments.
  • Whenever necessary (for Store and Forward queues) a Swift-selected extension will allow you to route your traffic independently for an individual environment. The technical details of each environment can be amended using the change subscription form.
  • You will need to state the email addresses of the persons in your institution that should have “T2S - Operational Support” in their profile. These emails must already be registered against your institution’s BIC

If you are outsourcing your technical connectivity to a Service Bureau, “T2S - Operational Support” can be included in your Service Bureau representatives’ profile, provided they register their email address under your institution’s BIC. Read more

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