Change your subscription to CLS FX Core services

Complete the order details. Some fields are prefilled automatically; some provide a selection through a drop down menu. Mandatory fields are indicated by an orange triangle.

Understanding the ordering process

Find out how to place your order, track your order and request high priority or emergency handling.

Important information about your order

SWIFT service CUG

  • Members request enrolment into the SWIFT service CUG by logging on to the SWIFT website and submitting an order for the relevant CLS service.

Service rules

  • Members need to be aware of the appropriate rules applicable to each Service (described in this document), and ensure that they comply with them when completing the SWIFT order forms. The following may also be required for review and approval by CLS before certain orders can be approved:
    • Appropriate Static Data forms
    • Updated Member Technical Architecture Deployment Details Template (TAD) document
    • Technical Approval Process (TAP)

Member Gateway Elimination project

  • The CLS member connectivity solution allowz CLS members to communicate with CLS using one of the following communication channels:

    • A STP XML channel for members to exchange ISO 20022 XML messages with CLS using the SWIFTNet InterAct Store-And-Forward messaging service,

    • A Browse channel for end users to manually access a web based User Interface, using the SWIFT Browse messaging service.

  • Subscription to these Channels is required for all CLS members as part of the CLS Member Gateway Elimination project and must be coordinated with CLS based on the selected migration phase.

  • Subscription to the MI Channel is confirmed via the selection of the MI Channel as connectivity option for the access to the STP XML Channel.

  • To ensure correct and consistent traffic routing across all CLS members, the traffic routing section will be automatically built, based on your connectivity selection.

  • CLS members, that use multiple BICs to access the CLS service, must place a separate order for each BIC.

If you have further questions, contact either your CLS relationship manager.

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