Change your Alliance RMA

Complete the order details. Some fields are prefilled automatically; some provide a selection through a drop down menu. Mandatory fields are indicated by an orange triangle.

Understanding the ordering process

Find out how to place your order, track your order and request high priority or emergency handling.

Ordering checklist

  • The change Alliance RMA Configuration can only be requested by emailing to SWIFT ordering services.

  • Access your profile and see the contract profile section to find your contract reference.

  • If applicable, Alliance RMA software must be downloaded from the Download Centre (login required).

Place orders

Change options for Alliance RMA

Please specify your SWIFT contract number and your selected changes:
• Change of operating system
• Add or remove BIC(s)
• Add or remove RMA+ option for BIC(s)
• Add or remove database recovery (allowing full content recovery)
• Add or remove Web Services for RMA (for RMA authorisations queries)

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