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Alliance Lite2 grow-out

Use this process to change connectivity from Alliance Lite2 to another connectivity type, such as via Service Bureau, a Swift connectivity partner or an interface infrastructure owned by your entity or a group entity.

The migration process consists of 4 steps: Lite2 migration stages

For a smooth migration, a close collaboration between your institution and Swift is required. Therefore, a Customer Care representative will help you through the migration process. The price for such change from Lite2 to another connectivity is 2,500 EUR.

More information on the migration process can be found in the Knowledge base, step by step guide for Lite 2 grow-out

Place orders
Preparing for the first step

When placing the Lite2 grow-out order, please already gather the following information, required for the first process step:

  1. Provide information on your future infrastructure:

Provide a clear description of your target connectivity infrastructure: Service Bureau, a Swift connectivity partner or an interface infrastructure owned by your entity or a group entity.

  1. Ensure registered Security Officers are available:

Currently the SwiftNet Security Officers role is delegated to Swift in order to manage your Lite2 connection. Your Lite2 Security Officers can perform a subset of the tasks of a SwiftNet Security Officer. By submitting this e-order, 2 new security officers dn’s will be assigned for the Lite2 grow-out BIC : cn=so1mig,o= bbbbccll,o=swift and cn=so2mig,o= bbbbccll,o=swift.

  1. Check if a Swift Software license change is needed:

Check with your future infrastructure provider whether a license update is required to be able to host connectivity for your BIC(‘s).
For Swift interface software such as Alliance Gateway or Alliance Access, the necessary license changes will have to be ordered before migration. In such case, our Customer Care staff will advise you when these change orders need to be submitted.

  1. Identify required changes for delivering your future SwiftNet services:

For the SwiftNet Store and Forward services you use over Lite2, please provide the future queue name(s) for these services on your future infrastructure.

In case you are currently using SwiftNet Real Time services over your Lite2 connection, these will have to be rerouted to your future infrastructure SwiftNet Link systems (SNL’s). Please provide the future SNL ID’s for these real time services.

Where applicable, your future connectivity provider should be able to assist you in providing this information.

Ordering checklist

  • The price to change Alliance Lite2 to another set-up is 2,500 EUR.
  • The BIC that will grow out of the current Alliance Lite2 infrastructure cannot become (PKI) administered by another institution during the migration process and this until the grow out process is successfully completed.


Place orders

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