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Share re-allocation

Access the Share re-allocation tool

As set in Article 11 of the SWIFT By-laws, SWIFT carries out a re-allocation of its shares at least every three years. The re-allocation of shares is based on the financial contribution from SWIFT’s messaging services between 1 January and 31 December of the year preceding the share re-distribution exercise.

The share re-allocation includes the following parties:

  • SWIFT shareholders

  • SWIFT non-shareholding members

For information on the SWIFT share re-allocation process, please consult the summary description, and our FAQ:

SWIFT Share re-allocation process 2021, preliminary information
SWIFT share re-allocation FAQ 2021

To benefit from the reduced WHT rate, please download the below documents and refer to our email for instructions.

SWIFT Share re-allocation confirmation letter

Access the Share re-allocation tool - Please contact SWIFT directly for additional information

For questions about share re-allocation:

For questions about preferential tax rates (Tax Treaty):

For questions about a direct debit account for share re-allocation payment/reimbursement: Online Support Case Manager