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Manage end-to-end messaging processes

For financial institutions it can be a challenging process to ensure that business flows and back-office applications run smoothly in accordance with the various messaging formats across the globe. As business needs evolve, so do standards, their adoption, usage and maintenance. To efficiently manage standards, financial institutions require access to message format specifications, and have to be able to analyse and interpret them quickly, effectively and correctly.

Swift’s MyStandards offers standards expertise and a collaborative web platform that allows banks, market infrastructures, and market practice groups to create, publish and share their message specifications and usage guidelines with ease. MyStandards users are able to view, analyse, consume and test, all in one place.

The result? Faster customer onboarding, efficient and timely preparation for the mandatory annual MT Standards Release, centralised market practices, and individual guidelines for financial institutions that will drive a smoother adoption of ISO 20022 for various global and local migrations. You will be able to fully optimise customer experiences and risk management, while cutting down time and costs.

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Our solutions

MyStandards Lite

Access, compare and test message specifications to speed up release implementation and make your standards usage more efficient.

MyStandards Premium

Centralise and publish your message specifications in any format, with customised testing options, to ease customer onboarding, ISO 20022 adoption and more.

Swift Translator

Swift Translator provides quick and easy message translation, defining, mapping and validating messages from any format to ISO20022 or MT. It combines decades of Swift expertise with state-of-the-art technology.


Save time and costs

Onboard clients faster and manage standards releases more efficiently.

Reduce maintenance efforts

Powerful testing and analysis tools for current and future standards releases.

Accelerate customer onboarding

Create customised self-service test portals to streamline corporate onboarding.

Enhance customer experience

Easy, harmonised, self-service documentation and a 24/7 testing environment.

Deploy with ease

MyStandards operates fully online; no software installation is required; flexible deployment.

Standards expertise

40+ years of standards management, solid libraries and unique ISO 20022 experience.

Want to know more about MyStandards?

Get in touch with our MyStandards experts.

Document centre

Last update: 6 December 2022

Case study: Société Générale and Eiffage - MyStandards

Société Générale and Eiffage are taking client onboarding to the next level with MyStandards.

Last update: 30 June 2022

Webinar recording - MyStandard session with BNYMellon

Hear from Isabelle Bouille, Principal Product Manager at BNY Mellon Treasury Services

Last update: 7 June 2022

DTCC: ISO 20022 corporate actions messaging

With MyStandards, DTCC found the crucial support to significantly ease the transition to ISO 20022.

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