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General Knowledge

About Swift

Understand why Swift was created, learn how the governance of Swift is organised, and recognise which...
General Knowledge

Connectivity and Security

Understand how Swift delivers confidentiality, integrity and availability on its secure platform. Learning objectives: Name two...
General Knowledge

Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)

Discover what Distributed Ledger Technology is and the problems it aims to solve. See how blockchains...
General Knowledge

Financial Community and Messaging Needs

Understand the financial community and its messaging needs. Discover how Swift supports the community to answer...
General Knowledge

How does a administrator grant LSO and/or RSO roles for access to licences on Secure Channel

Learn how a administrator grants LSO and/or RSO roles for access to licences on Secure...
General Knowledge

How to add and remove access rights

Learn how users add or remove access rights on their own accounts and how administrators...
General Knowledge

How to add the administrator role to another user

Learn how a administrator can add the role of administrator to another registered user on...
General Knowledge

How to become a user

Discover the procedure to register on for the first time.
General Knowledge

How to better manage users as a administrator

Learn how to delete obsolete user accounts using the following 3 filter features: Delete users...