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Securities Market Infrastructures on Swift - Highlights

Read how some of the SMIs from across the globe, such as ASX, JASDEC, Euroclear and T2-Securities are benefiting from using Swift to securely transport their transactions.


The Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) is a key Swift user in Asia Pacific. ASX’s equity CSD, ASX Settlement (CHESS system) uses Swift for payment settlement with the RTGS system.

ASX has also expanded its corporate action notification service to include near real time ISO 20022 format corporate action notifications over SwiftNet. This initiative also introduced efficiencies to the issuer announcement process and operations, by allowing issuers to input structured information to feed directly into ASX’s internal systems.

The benefits and abilities of ISO 20022 to capture more data in a structured format, were among the reasons that ISO20022 was selected for this initiative.

ASX’s debt CSD, Austraclear, uses Swift for securities, payment and corporate action MT messages. Austraclear has also implemented a tri-party Collateral Management service, and RMB (Renminbi) payment and securities settlement service using MT messaging over SwiftNet.


Japan Securities Depository Center (JASDEC) went live with ISO 20022 on SwiftNet on 6 January 2014, the first major SMI to use the international standard for end-to-end settlement.


Read more about Swift”s messaging products and services for Euroclear: