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Available 24/7 and leverages a highly secure and resilient infrastructure

Systems which process instant payments are time and mission critical. Any issue or problem must be resolved quickly to guarantee an uninterrupted service. SWIFT has experience and a deep understanding of operating in such an environment. We have put in place a dedicated team of experts to provide support for our instant payments offering which can be rapidly and directly accessed 24/7.

Our information security measures are comprehensive. They are designed to cater for extreme situations and aim to prevent any unauthorised physical and logical access.

Our measures include physical controls that safeguard our premises as well as logical controls that protect against unauthorised access to data and systems and encompass our detection, response and recovery capabilities.

Dedicated teams of security specialists, working together with leaders in the field, review all designs and security practices to provide guidance, support, testing and assurance so that all our solutions are appropriately designed, implemented and operated before being delivered to you.

Connects to multiple clearing and settlement mechanisms

AGI and SWIFTNet instant messaging can be used by all parties along the instant payment chain. This includes a payment initiation from an overlay service, an indirect member that communicates with its sponsoring member or a corporate receiving a payment confirmation.

Future-proof solution

SWIFTNet Instant and AGI form the cornerstone of SWIFT’s messaging and connectivity offering to enable instant payments. For Europe in particular, SWIFT will ensure that these new components support the required changes for accessing the new platform of the Eurosystem that will become accessible through the future Eurosystem Single Infrastructure Gateway (ESMIG).

Optional integration with AMH Instant

The simplest way to implement our instant payments solution.

The simplest way to implement our instant payments solution is with the SWIFT Alliance Messaging Hub Instant (AMH Instant). Although optional, AMH Instant delivers a solution that is fully integrated with the bank’s own systems, such as fraud detection and general ledger. This supports automation of the entire payments lifecycle and seamless orchestration of financial message flows. 

AMH Instant provides a crucial bridge between a bank’s front and back-office environments. Crucial information can be stored, transferred and shared more easily, including customer information, compliance, screening, anti-money laundering, data analytics, monitoring, reporting, accounting, pricing, and billing. AMH Instant connects seamlessly to SWIFTNet Instant and can be integrated with third party or proprietary networks.

SWIFTNet Instant

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